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Study & Instrument Design

SRI is a full-service survey facility and our services range from study design to analysis and everything in between. Clients are offered any combination of our services to meet their needs. The links on the left will direct you to an in depth description of the service.

Study Design

The SRI staff can assist you in the designing and planning of your survey and help you to:

  • Establish and understand the objectives of the survey
  • Identify the study population and key concepts in operational terms
  • Select methods of sampling, data collection, and analysis
  • Determine sample sizes to meet study objectives
  • Develop a realistic budget and time line for each stage of the survey

Instrument Design

Our staff is available to assist in the design of your data collection instrument from start to finish, including questionnaire design and construction, questionnaire production, and questionnaire testing to ensure the questions are valid and reliable.